Creating a Container for AWS Batch vs. AWS Lambda | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | October 2023


ACM.328 I’m also trying to determine which IP address ranges are required for reliable downloads.

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In the last article I explored what changes I would need to make to move my container from Lambda to Batch, since it doesn’t work in Lambda and I’m curious about using Batch long term anyway.

In this article, I’ll make some changes to my container to work with AWS Batch. You may now remember that I added network restrictions to my EC2 network that I’m running Docker on to build my container. I did this after building most of my initial Lambda function. This means that my Dockerfile is now running from a private network with additional network restrictions that didn’t exist before. Let’s see what happens. And besides, I will talk about it in more detail in a future article.

Basic image

Let’s find a new base image of the public ECR repository:

I want to use the latest version – Amazon Linux 2023 – and I need ARM support. The minimum version is a cross-platform version and will work.

Docker file

I’m not sure if I need the full version or if the minimum version will work for us. Let’s try.

  • Creating a new container folder called batch testing.
  • Copied to my Dockerfile from my previous dockertest folder.
  • Creating an inclusion folder
  • Added a file that simply echoes…
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