Success Stories: Environmental Engineering Postdoctoral Researcher from Pakistan Gets NIW Approval in Less Than 3 Months Without PP Service


Customer Testimonial:

“Thank you very much for preparing and submitting my application. Very appreciated.”

May 12th2023 we received another one EB-2 NIW (Renunciation of national interest) approval of a postdoctoral researcher in the field of environmental engineering (Approval notice).

General area: Environmental genius

Position at the time of submission of the file: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Native country: Pakistan

Country of residence at time of filing: Australia

Approval notice Date: May 12th2023

Processing time : 2 months, 18 days

Summary of the case:

Our client is from Pakistan and has a PhD in Environmental Engineering. He currently works as a postdoctoral researcher specializing in the field of environmental engineering. Its main objective is to continue its research efforts on the design of advanced biofuels for environmentally friendly transportation and heat and energy production applications. To facilitate this pursuit, our client requested the assistance of the North American Immigration Law Group to help him submit a EB-2 NIW (Renunciation of national interest) petition on his behalf.

This is why our team has implemented a winning strategy for its NIW case and listed the following information:

  • We noted that he actively engaged his peers in the field by authoring and co-authoring four articles in peer-reviewed journals (two of which he authored first). Additionally, his work has attracted a wide audience and has been cited 211 times by peers using his previous findings to formulate additional conclusions related to their own projects in the United States and abroad.
  • We detailed how his research related to the design of advanced biofuels for environmentally friendly transportation, heat and power applications is of great merit and national importance.
  • Additionally, among other applications, his research is relevant to the design and development of next-generation biofuel copyrolysis frameworks and blends that maximize yields, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
  • Additionally, his proposed initiative has significant implications for the United States. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of his biotechnology research in the area of ​​environmental protection, it is crucial to recognize the specific benefits his research provides to the U.S. biofuels industry. Through his continued efforts, he has successfully developed superior copyrolysis frameworks, reactors, and biofuel blends that significantly improve the quality and sustainability of biofuels produced in the United States. This research is of immense value to the country, especially since North America currently holds a dominant position in the biofuels market.

These instances validate his status at the top of his field and as an unrivaled authority in the field of environmental engineering, with his work greatly benefiting the United States, even though there are other skilled workers available. Remarkably, he obtained his NIW approval in less than three months. We express our gratitude to our client for the trust he has placed in our law firm and wish him the greatest success in all his future activities.

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