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If you plan to travel to Canada, several visa entry options are available. Whether for business or pleasure, obtaining a visa for your trip can be a simple process. However, it is important to understand the multiple entry visa options available and choose the one that suits your travel needs.

What is a multiple entry visa in Canada?

  • Visitors holding multiple entry visas have the freedom to enter their destination country multiple times.
  • The validity period of a visa allows the traveler to make numerous visits using the same visa document.
  • If you have a multiple entry visa, you have the privilege of visiting Canada an infinite number of times over a six-month period. Its validity lasts up to ten years or until the last month before your passport expires. However, you are required to arrive in Canada before your visa reaches the expiration date.

How to apply for a Canada multiple entry visa?

To be considered for the multiple entry (temporary resident) option of a visitor visa, one must meet the following conditions:

To apply for a multiple entry visa to Canada, you must follow these steps:

  • Complete the online application form for a visitor visa on the Government of Canada website.
  • Pay the visa fee of 100 CAD and the biometric fee of 85 CAD (185 CAD).
  • Submit your request and wait for the processing time, which may vary depending on your country of residence.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a letter of introduction and a temporary resident visa (if necessary) in your passport.
  • Present these documents to the border officer upon arrival in Canada.

A multiple entry visitor visa grants you the privilege of staying in Canada for six months each time you enter the country, with no limits on the number of entries, provided your passport or visa remains valid. Its duration can last up to ten years or one month before your passport expires, whichever is shorter.

Canada Multiple Entry Visa Requirements

IRCC is dedicated to promoting the distribution of long-term, multiple-entry visas for genuine travelers seeking to enter Canada. Every qualified applicant will enjoy the benefits of such a visa.

In order to acquire a Canadian visitor visa which grants multiple entries over a decade, the application process remains unchanged from that of a typical visitor visa. However, you will need to meet additional conditions to be eligible for the visa.

  • Real purpose of the visit: When planning your visit to Canada, make sure you have a valid reason, whether it’s to bring family and friends together, to attend a special occasion like a wedding, graduation or reunion business, or to participate in a conference.
  • Good travel history: Your travel record must be impeccable, indicating that you have respected and adhered to all immigration protocols and regulations of each country you have visited.
  • Proof of financial capacity: To ensure that you have the financial means to support yourself during your visit to Canada, you must provide documentation attesting to your financial stability. This may include proof of employment, assets such as residential property, and bank statements that will allow visa officers to confidently grant your stay in Canada without concern for your financial well-being.
  • Canadian travel history
  • Must be in good health and of good moral character
  • Convince an agent that you do not intend to extend your stay in Canada.
  • Ensure that the visit is free from any threat to the security of Canada.
  • You do not plan to engage in work or academic activities in Canada unless you have received permission to do so.
  • In order to confirm your eligibility for entry into Canadaplease provide the agent with any additional documentation that may be required.

Documents required for Canada multiple entry visa

In order to obtain a 10-year multiple entry visa for Canada, it is important to note that the specific documents needed may differ depending on various individual factors and country of citizenship; however, as a general rule, the following documents are usually required.

  • A travel document such as a valid passport is required.
  • Your fully completed and signed application form.
  • A pair of fresh passport-size photos is required.
  • Invitation letter from parents or friends.
  • Guest status – (student/worker/PR/citizen) in Canada documents.
  • Provide proof of your financial ability to support yourself during your visit to Canada.
  • A medical certificate (MCC).
  • Criminal Records Certificate (PCC) or criminal record check.
  • Provide a copy of your return ticket.
  • To demonstrate your commitment to returning home after visiting Canada, please provide proof of your connection to your country of origin, such as property, employment or education records, family relationships or any other documentation justification.

For the latest and most accurate details on visa requirements and application processes, it is advisable to seek advice from the knowledgeable Canadian visitor visa professionals at GreenTree Immigration, who can tailor their services to meet your needs. unique needs.

Processing time and fees for Canadian multiple entry visa

  • Processing time for a Canadian multiple entry visa (application from outside Canada) – 29 days (varies accordingly).
  • Processing time for a Canadian multiple entry visa (application from within Canada) –17 days (online) and 35 days (paper) (varies accordingly)
  • Multiple visa fees for Canada – 100 CAD + Biometrics – CAD 85 (185 CAD).
  • Visitor visa – CAD500 (per family – 5 people or more).
  • Extend your stay as a visitor- 100 CAD (per person).


In conclusion, having a multiple entry visa option for Canada makes it easier for frequent travelers to the country. Whether it’s a single entry visa, a multiple entry visa or a super visa, choosing the one that best suits your travel needs can ensure a hassle-free trip to Canada. Be sure to read the requirements of each visa carefully and submit a complete application to avoid any delays or refusals.

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