Cyberattack on the Allcare pharmacy: the Lorenz group strikes again!


The notorious Lorenz ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the Allcare Pharmacy cyberattack. The data breach was announced by the threat actor himself on his dark web forum, adding a new victim to his growing list.

The Allcare Pharmacy cyberattack has cast a shadow over the security of confidential information entrusted to the pharmacy. Allcare Pharmacy, a stalwart of the pharmaceutical industry, has long prided itself on its dedication to customer welfare and data protection.

However, this Allcare Pharmacy data breach allegation has shaken the foundations of its data security measures, adding yet another organization to its list of victims.

Cyberattack allegations against Allcare Pharmacy

Cyberattack on the Allcare pharmacy
Source: Twitter

The Allcare Pharmacy data breach hacked a large portion of Allcare Pharmacy’s database. sensitive customer information and confidential files are exposed.

Among the data exposed was critical information such as social security numbers, posing a significant threat to those affected.

To learn more about the cyberattack allegations against Allcare Pharmacy, The Cyber ​​Express contacted the organizations. However, as of now, no official response or statement has been released by Allcare Pharmacy.

The bad actors shared 7 parts of the stolen data, along with samples to verify their claims.

The Allcare Pharmacy data breach appears to have targeted customer databases and has not shared any further posts for any other type of data obtained by the attack.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this alleged cyberattack by Allcare Pharmacy will be. However, the claims of the Lorenz ransomware group cannot be ignored either because the threat actors have been targeting leading organizations since 2021.

Lorenz Ransomware Group and the Rise of Cyberattacks in the Healthcare Sector

In recent years, the health sector has become a prime target for cybercriminals. The alarming increase in cyberattacks on healthcare organizations has raised concerns about data security and patient privacy.

Among the notable groups of this landscape, the Lorenz Ransomware The group has gained notoriety for its sophisticated tactics and widespread targeting.

According to CheckPoint Search (RCR)Healthcare facilities faced a staggering 1,426 attacks per week in 2022, an increase of 60% from the previous year.

These attacks have not only wreaked havoc on institutions, but have also been very costly.

The cost of a healthcare data breach has increased 42% over the past two years, averaging $10.10 million per incident.

Ransomware attacks have proven to pose a major threat to healthcare organizations. During the third quarter of 2022 alone, one in 42 healthcare establishments suffered a ransomware attack. Among the main groups responsible for such attacks, the Lorenz ransomware group stands out.

The Lorenz ransomware group uses a sophisticated approach to exploit vulnerabilities, granting them unauthorized access to their targets. Once inside, they use double extortion tacticsdemanding ransoms ranging from $500,000 to $700,000 for the disclosure of encrypted data.

Although ransom demands may seem small, the consequences of their attacks can be catastrophic, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The origins of the Lorenz ransomware group can be traced back to the .sZ40 ransomware discovered in October 2020.

With a tendency to target English-speaking countries, the group has left a trail of victims. The similarities identified between Lorenz and an earlier operation known as ThunderCrypt highlight their persistence and adaptability.

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