Cableguard VPN demo. Eppur si muove | by Canal Vicente Aceituno


Eppur si muove

In this article, we’ll go over each step of creating a VPN connection with Cableguard VPN, but don’t let the many details mislead you. Once Cableguard VPN is completed, there will only be three steps from the user’s perspective:

  • Download/install Cableguard VPN and create a NEAR Protocol account
  • Buy a Cableguard VPN subscription and receive RODT in your account
  • Start the Cableguard VPN client and choose a server to connect to.

This demo works with Linux, using the NEAR Protocol testnet and installing from source code.

We first create a NEAR protocol account using Cableguard-TOOLS, which can be installed from

cableguard-tools is compatible with wg-tools

Next, we add NEAR to the newly created account from a NEAR Protocol wallet running in testnet (screenshots from but you can use any):

We can select 0.01 NEAR or more
Enter the account address in Hex format

Next, we check the new balance of the newly created account that resides in our Linux system

The new account is initialized

Now, on the server provider side, we create a set of rich digital tokens inline for the VPN connections that are going to be authenticated:

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