A generic Bash error handler for a custom Bash Lambda runtime interface | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | September 2023


ACM.319 Handling multiple errors and different error types in different functions

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In the last article, I figured out why my requests to AWS services after deploying the VPC Endpoint deployment were excessively slow and fixed it.

Before I finish my AWS Secrets Manager solution, I need to fix my error handling because it only works for a single line of code. Oops. And let’s just say it wasn’t easy. But if it works, it will save me a lot of time in the future and can easily be integrated into every container that uses my Bash runtime. Warning: I’m sure I’ll find and fix more errors in the future, but this seems to work and here’s the short version of the problems I encountered along the way.

* Set some bash flags to make sure your error messages show up where intended
* AWS CLI seems to be redirecting standar error to standar out
* For other bash commands you would need to do that yourself if did this another way
* That means you'd need to know if you were handling an AWS CLI command or a bash command.
* Try to abstract your error handler out to a single function call as I did here.
* A single function call to a standard function reduces errors.
* If you pass variables between Bash files, pass them via TMP files.
* Something was setting certain variables (like one containing my request ID) to an empty string for some reason not in my code.
* Handling strings with multiple quotes is very, very tricky.
* Make sure your error messages do not have quotes in them.
* A divide by zero error is a good thing to test.
* The difference between an initialization and an invocation error is the request id.
* If you have any errors in your error handling, the message won't get back to the Lambda function.
* Local testing is good.
* sts get-caller-identity is not working in Lambda
* Using temporary credentials for testing is not perfect, but reduces…
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