CISA and NFL collaborate to secure Super Bowl LVIII


The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in collaboration with partners from the National Football League (NFL), Allegiant Stadium and Super Bowl LVIII, conducted a simulation exercise this week cybersecurity in preparation for Super Bowl LVIII. The exercise aimed to assess and improve cybersecurity response capabilities, plans and procedures for the upcoming event.

The Super Bowl LVIII tabletop cybersecurity exercise brought together more than 100 participants from the NFL, Allegiant Stadium and various levels of government to review and refine plans to protect, respond and recover from a cyber- significant attack during the highly anticipated sporting event.

“It is very encouraging to see that this exercise was organized by the NFL, its partners and CISA,” commented George McGregor, vice president of Approve.

“Such events present a very dynamic cybersecurity attack surface that evolves rapidly as multiple partners and vendors, and thousands of fans come together and interact with ticketing systems and points of sale using Wi-Fi. -Stadium Fi and via mobile devices. »

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Lasting four hours, the exercise also allowed participants to identify available resources, capacities and best practices to build their resilience.

“Exercises like this provide an excellent mechanism to review our plans and procedures when responding to significant cyber incidents, like those described in the scenario,” commented Steve Harris, deputy executive assistant director for infrastructure security at the CISA. “This exercise will help ensure we are prepared for any challenges that arise on game day. »

The exercise scenario included hypothetical situations involving phishing, ransomware, data breach and potential insider threats, which could have cascading impacts on physical systems. It should be noted that the exercise was proactive rather than responding to a specific threat.

“At the NFL, we understand how important it is to practice the way you play, and this week’s drill is the first of many simulations we will conduct leading up to Super Bowl LVIII,” said Cathy Lanier, vice -senior president and chief security officer of the NFL. “We are grateful to CISA and our federal, state and local partners who are working together to ensure the Super Bowl and its events are as safe as possible for fans, players and staff.”

This marks the tenth consecutive year of CISA partnering with NFL and Super Bowl organizers to conduct an annual tabletop exercise.

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