Cableguard VPN use cases. just off the top of my head | by Canal Vicente Aceituno


just off the top of my head

photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

You might be wondering why on earth use something similar to non-fungible tokens for authentication. I don’t wonder anymore. There are several use cases that are not adequately supported by current strong authentication options, including OTP and digital certificates.

Online rich digital tokens are sent, unconfigured. This can be an advantage when you want to configure devices remotely without logging in to download configuration files and credentials. So let’s say you have a remote box, you can add a full VPN configuration without ever touching it, connecting to it, or letting anyone know what you’re setting up.

You can’t do this with MFA or digital certificates.

Rich online digital tokens make it as easy for servers to authenticate clients as the other way around. The vast majority of installed VPNs only allow servers to authenticate clients. If you are in an environment where high security is paramount, this is a great feature that is not as complex to set up as client-side certificates.

You can do this with digital certificates, but it’s complicated. Why do you think most organizations don’t use client-side digital certificates?

Peer-to-peer connections are easy to use with Cableguard VPN because both ends can use the validation service to check if the other end has valid, current credentials and create point-to-point VPN connections without going through a server.

You can’t do this with digital certificates, API keys, or MFA.

Using Rich Online Digital Tokens, you can create a VPN or API service and use marketing channels very easily, as you can sell the tokens themselves at a discount, making the process completely asynchronous, without discount codes or complicated processes to determine how revenue will be generated. must be distributed between the marketing channel and the service provider. You can also let other people create brands that, behind the scenes, areā€¦

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