Software supply chain attacks will cost the world $60 billion by 2025


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 45 percent of organizations worldwide will have suffered attacks on their software supply chains, a threefold increase compared to 2021.

“In the age of DevOps – rapid, continuous development – ​​you simply cannot secure software from the outside,” explains Guy Podjarny, founder of Snyk. “Fundamentally, the only way to keep pace with software evolution is to get developers to build secure software and move security to where the decision is made. »

While formal interactions between advocates and business leaders are increasingly common, according to the World Economic Forumincreased communication and collaboration between developers and security professionals must also become a priority.

Digital transformation, hybrid and remote working, and the growing threat of cybercrime have forced organizations to rethink how they think about security in relation to their software supply chains.

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