Prince Edward Island’s international recruitment drive will be held in October in Singapore. Apply now!


PEI's international recruitment campaign  Spotlight on Singapore

Highlights from PEI’s international recruiting event in Singapore

  • Register now to seize the opportunity to work in Canada.
  • Prince Edward Island International Recruitment will take place in October 2023 in Singapore.
  • Frequent international recruitment will be carried out by Prince Edward Island in 2023, globally.
  • Seven professions can register for the event.

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Occupations Eligible for the PEI International Recruitment Event

Industrial sector Field of work
Health care Caregiver
Registered Nurse
Other field of work in health care
Education Early childhood educators
Primary school teachers
Secondary school teachers
Other area of ​​work in education
Professions Electrician
Pipefitter and steamfitter
Heating and air conditioning technician
Other business
HE Web Developer/Programmer
Cybersecurity Analyst
Software engineer
Other field of IT activity
Construction Construction assistance
Other field of work in construction
Hospitality Governess
Other field of activity in the hotel industry
Trucking industry Truck’s driver
Heavy goods vehicle mechanic
Other field of work in the trucking industry
Manufacturing Operator
Manufacturing worker
Meat cutter
Other field of manufacturing work

How to participate in the Prince Edward Island International Recruitment Event?

Step 1: Sign up for FREE!

Register for FREE and receive an email with login details to attend the virtual or in-person interview with PEI employers.

Step 2: Schedule interviews with companies you like working with…

Prince Edward Island employers will contact potential candidates to discuss employment opportunities in person or virtually. Schedule an interview and save time.

Step 3: Get hired on site to work in Canada!

An easy route to work in Prince Edward Island, Canada! Attend the online interview and get hired on the spot to work in Canada.

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