It’s time to think about cybersecurity training


As reliance on the digital world continues to grow, it is also necessary for individuals to be aware of ongoing cybersecurity threats. Where once it was enough to have a good firewall, attention is now shifting to maintaining well-trained staff to thwart cybercriminals before they attack. DaVinci Cybersecurity understands that this can seem almost intimidating, as a business has an activity to manage. However, protecting the business with competent employees may be easier than it seems and is the cost of doing business today.

Numerous reports show that human error is the cause of approximately 90% of cybersecurity breaches. While cybersecurity awareness training has been around for a while, not all training is equal and keeps up with evolving cybercriminal trends and the nuances of a changing workforce. Like everything else in our digital world, best practices in cybersecurity awareness training must grow and evolve. DaVinci Cybersecurity personalized training services which provide the most recent and up-to-date warnings, information and methods.

Turn your good intentions into actions

Survey after survey shows businesses want cybersecurity awareness training, but often less than half follow through. The best step to make this change is to simply designate an internal representative to work with DaVinci Cybersecurity to create an interesting and personalized training program designed especially for your staff.

Protect your data

The data your business maintains is one of your most valuable assets. An important part of cybersecurity awareness training is ensuring that the network, data, and access have multiple layers of security. Our team works closely with your IT department to revamp and test access points, recommend changes, and educate employees on how to create a more secure environment to mitigate a cyberattack.

Information and responsibility

In many cases, employees do not recognize that company cybersecurity is part of their business. Our team makes employees feel part of the organization to keep the company safe. We develop easy-to-understand awareness factors that enable them to be alert and take action.

They must relate

Many cybersecurity awareness training programs fail to achieve their goals because they are downright boring. Staff will only engage if they find a presentation interesting and what they listen to, they will forget if they sit for too long. DaVinci Cybersecurity creates interesting and fun content awareness training this correlates with the individual business and the type of sector the staff work in. Employees need to see how they can tip the scales of success by being well-informed about cyberattacks and threat actors as well as what they do every day.

“System analysis of a network may be the first step in cybersecurity, but staff awareness training is the essential part of maintaining the protection of your information and your customers. DaVinci Cybersecurity customizes a training program for your employees, delivering the type of information that will help keep your business strong.

SHaron Knowles, CEO of DaVinci Cybersecurity

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