CISO Private Network


CISO Private Network

Directors of Information Security in collaboration with Cybercrime Magazine and Evolution Equity Partners

Evolution Equity Partners is a global venture capitalist that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to grow market-leading cybersecurity and enterprise software companies.

Headquartered in New York and Zurich, Switzerland, the company is led by investment and technology entrepreneurs who have built businesses around the world and leverage their operational, technical, and product development expertise to help entrepreneurs to success.

Evolution focuses on companies that use big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, SaaS, mobile and the convergence of consumer and enterprise software to create premier information technology companies. plan.


Cybercrime Magazine and Evolution Equity Partners invite (current and former) Fortune 500 and Global 2000 CISOs, as well as other select individuals, to join our private network.

There is no fee to join our private (unofficial) network, nor any specific time commitment. If you are accepted into our network, you can then choose if and when you would like to volunteer your time and/or network with others.

If you register, we will not use or share your contact information with anyone, automatically subscribe you to any lists, or violate your privacy in any way. The only contact from us will be sporadic, one-on-one via email or LinkedIn (your preference), with one designated contact from Cybercrime Magazine and one designated contact from Evolution Equity Partners.


If you join our private CISO network, Evolution Equity Partners will solicit your views on market trends and needs, potentially provide you with opportunities for current or future board positions (i.e. advisory board of directors, advisory board, etc.) and will invite you to some or all of their special events.

The popular Magazine podcast on cybercrime interviews F500 and Global 2000 CISOs, as well as numerous high-profile guests throughout the year. We periodically reach out to our private CISO network with opportunities to come on our podcast and participate in remote video interviews and signs.


In the message field, please indicate that you are joining the CISO private network.


We will not sell, rent or share your contact information with anyone.

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