Your Website Got an F in Security | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | September 2023


ACM.296 Let’s look at that F and what it really means: when it matters and when it doesn’t.

Part of my series on Automation of cybersecurity measures. Application security. Penetration testing. Data breaches. Deploy a static website. THE Coded.

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I’ve finally finished some other work and am returning to my series on deploying a static website. In the last article I explained how to add a policy to your ECR registry so that it can be used with a Lambda function.

Before I continue, I need to move on to another topic discussed recently. Do you receive a “penetration test» which is not really a penetration test but in reality a “vulnerability analysis» ?

I’m going to demonstrate using my own website, which has a few issues that I know about and plan to address in this series – but I would consider them low risk and explain why.

That said — as I just mentioned — I will repair them. Why would you leave risks on your website if you don’t have to? In my case, I hadn’t updated my website since 2020 because I was too busy.

But now I’m taking the time as I’m writing this series and upgrading some of my penetration testing tools that I use on AWS in the process. So let’s get this over with. Follow the series if you want to see how I do it, what matters and why or why not.

I created my website in about 5 minutes so I could start my business because my lawyer told me a website was necessary. Since then, I’ve barely looked at it. I finally updated it recently after a few years when AWS made me an AWS Security Hero, but I intentionally didn’t fix some “known issues” so I could write about them – and consider the relevance of certain analysis results and the risks associated with them. problems on my particular site.

I’m going to try to “hack my own website” in a future article or possibly a new series and show you the implications of some things.

But let me start with the fact that if you have malware on your machine that performs a

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