More Average Stories Not Appearing in Google Search Results | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | April 2024


Medium, what is causing this?

I find more stories that should be returned in search results, but they don’t. This appears to be due to design, a bug, or third-party sabotage. Otherwise, these formerly ranked pages should still appear. Medium is supposed to help with SEO, I thought, but at the moment it has the opposite effect.

For example, this post was posted via a link from LinkedIn and another fraudulent security page. But none of those links work now – and the Medium post still doesn’t appear.

As I write this article, a bunch of things I just wrote have been erased in one way or another. I came back to edit the page and the information is missing. Let me try again.

When I search for the following, a whole bunch of stories should come up:

I am the “medium” “radichel” role

Instead, only one appears, then a Medium page with posts that are only tangentially related and missing a bunch of other important posts, as well as a bunch of links from LinkedIn. I am…

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