Apple OS bug when resetting OS to factory defaults: Can’t do it offline or manually set IP address | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | March 2024


The only way to reinstall the system was to use Wi-Fi – which is not the most secure option.

I explained how I route my network through AWS for inspection and manually set an IP address when I want to be on that network.

I reset one of my Macs because I found suspicious activity on it, as I wrote here:

This is a Macbook Pro that I purchased in December 2023 and should have had the latest software and be the latest model at that time. I bought it in Miami because there is no Apple store in Savannah (boo ho…)

After resetting my Mac to factory settings, I was unable to activate it. It stood there telling me to connect internet cable or wifi. I was directly connected to the internet and had just used the computer that way, so I know it should work.

I decided to try installing offline since my firewall might be blocking something. I haven’t found any evidence that my firewall is blocking anything.

I’ve tried various recommendations from Apple for offline installations without internet and none of them work…

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