When to change your Wi-Fi password. Better safe than sorry.


When to change your Wi-Fi password. Better safe than sorry.

This week on cybersecurity from the editors of Cybercrime Magazine

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Sausalito, California – March 15, 2024

Newsweek reports that as a general rule, you should change your wifi password every three months. This way, if your password is taken in a data breach, your network will only be vulnerable for a brief period of time.

But there are also cases in which you should change your Wi-Fi password immediately, such as if you notice a data breach. You can keep an eye on latest data breaches via Cybercrime Magazine And Have I been pwnedwhich allows you to enter your email address or password to see if they were found among the data captured during security breaches.

Your Wi-Fi network password isn’t the only one you need to change after an incident; also make sure change passwords for all apps or websites This could also have been affected, including your email accounts, social media sites, and banking apps and websites.

If you leave a friend, guest or neighbor use your Wi-Fi, then changing your password is a no-brainer. Even though you probably trust your parents and siblings if your network password was saved on their devices and those devices come under attack, your passwords could be accessible.

Newsweek has the scoop on when and how to change your wifi password. We strongly recommend that you follow their advice.

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