Is Google breaking things or am I having bigger problems? | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | March 2024


I keep getting random UI changes and my phone app changes messages

Lately when I use Google it randomly switches between different user interfaces that look different. One minute I get the old login page. The next minute I get the new login page.

I keep getting asked to log back in every 5 minutes.

So is there some sort of compromise going on or is Google testing things? I’m trying to understand this. Also, I was testing routing traffic through AWS, so is AWS part of the problem here?

Additionally, in the past, Google had a copy-paste bug in its iOS mail app. He is back. I just copied and pasted and sent a message to a client and received an error. Is this a Google bug or is malware on my phone getting into memory?

Or is it related to the latest Apple update released? I just updated my phone.

As I’ve written before, errors can be a sign of a security issue and anything that alters memory concerns me.

I’m also concerned about my phone security after the latest AT&T debacle.

It’s time to reset.

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