Global Migration Report 2023: US continues to be top choice for second citizenship and business migration

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Highlights of the report:

  • More than 25,000 respondents participated in the survey
  • The United States among 20 migrant destinations
  • UK and Canada emerge as second and third choices
  • India among top 20 migrant origins
  • Where the rich migrate

The United States appears to be the preferred destination for people seeking to immigrate with the aim of get a second passport for economic, educational, commercial and travel reasons. Canada and the United Kingdom came second and third respectively.

The annual Global Immigration Trends Study analyzes global migration trends between 2020 and 2023. The report reveals the most popular destinations, where migrants are coming from and where the wealthy are migrating.

Best Picks

The survey highlighted that the United States remains the first choice for potential immigrants, whether for professional or family reasons, alongside other sought-after destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, France and South Africa.

The United States, known for its economic opportunities, cultural diversity, educational excellence, high standard of living, innovative environment and diverse pathways to citizenship, attracts individuals seeking better prospects.

The survey asked more than 25,000 respondents from around the world from a wide range of people from the Middle East, South Asia and Canada, as well as industry players, to contribute to an understanding overview of the changing landscape of global migration.

Which nationalities migrate the most?

The survey identified the main origins of migration, with India, Mexico, Russia, China, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ukraine identified as significant contributors to the migration landscape.

There is a growing trend among startups to establish a presence in the world’s strongest economies, including the United Arab Emirates (Middle East), the United States (North America), the United Kingdom (Europe) and in Canada. He highlighted key factors such as high return on investment, expansion, diversification and alternative lifestyle, while recognizing the challenges newcomers face in understanding laws, regulations, processes business creation, tax regimes and local work cultures.

One of the most intriguing trends in recent years, the report reveals, has been the strong migration of businesses from the Middle East to Europe and North America and vice versa. These regions, although geographically distant, have become poles of attraction for entrepreneurs, investors and professionals looking for new opportunities, stability and growth.

Where do the rich migrate?

The survey also found that high-net-worth individuals favor the United States, along with Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, as top countries for their second homes and to invest.

The report focuses on opportunities presented between the UAE, UK and Canada, representing the Middle East, Europe and North America respectively. The UAE, particularly Dubai, stands out as a global business hub, offering a strategic location, world-class infrastructure, a low-tax environment and facilitating long-term residency visas.

The UK, known for its innovation, research and development, attracts talent from around the world with its entrepreneurial culture, world-class universities and rich history. The entrepreneur visa and investor visa programs further open doors for business migration, particularly in sectors such as finance, healthcare, education and technology.

Canada, consistently ranked among the best in business migration, welcomes newcomers through the Startup Visa Program and Skilled Migration, providing a fast track to permanent residency for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Its diverse workforce, welcoming immigration policies and quality of life contribute to its appeal as a destination for families seeking a better future and a free, quality education.

The enormous potential for business migration between the UAE, UK and Canada reflects the globalized nature of today’s economy. This mammoth opportunity offers unique benefits to entrepreneurs, investors and professionals looking to migrate to North America, Europe and the Middle East. By fostering collaboration and capitalizing on each other’s strengths, these countries can continue to attract and retain talent, thereby boosting economic growth and innovation globally, the report concludes.

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