Campani group data breach: Ddarknotevil claims responsibility


In a new cybersecurity revelation on a major hacker forum, a user named “Ddarknotevil” recently claimed responsibility for the Campani Group data breach.

The compromised database, totaling approximately 409 MB, was allegedly uploaded by the user, who sports an avatar depicting the iconic character “Lain” from the 1998 Japanese animation series Serial Experiments Lain. Ddarknotevil, a Gold account holder on the data leak forum, has a remarkable reputation with over 179 posts.

The user’s announcement on the Dark Web reads: “Hello again BreachForums community, Today I uploaded the ‘’; Database to download, thanks for reading and enjoy! » A link to view the stolen data accompanied the post, along with a disturbing image showing sample data.

Campani Group Data Breach Allegations by Ddarknotevil

Campani Group data breach
Source: Twitter

In an attempt to validate these Campani group data breach allegations, The Cyber ​​Express contacted the Campani Group, a car dealership in Emilia-Romagna, Italywith over 40 years of experience in the industry.

The organization, which operates five brands, two dealerships and provides automotive services throughout Italy, has not yet issued an official statement or response regarding the so-called Campani Group. data breach.

While the Campani Group The data breach remains unverified, it is worth noting that Ddarknotevil has a history of similar exploits. Previously, the user targeted the website of India-based Kanakia Group, a multi-faceted conglomerate involved in real estate, hospitality, entertainment and education.

What next for Ddarknotevil after the Campani group data breach?

During the previous attack, Ddarknotevill revealed FTP server credentials and publicly exposed some user data, suggesting unauthorized acquisition through the compromised website.

During this particular attack, no further information about the attack method was shared and there has been no response from the organization regarding the alleged Campani Group data breach.

As the story unfolds, the Campani Group data breach raises concerns within the cybersecurity community. The lack of an official statement from the organization adds an air of uncertainty to the situation. Notably, this is not the first time Ddarknotevil has surfaced in connection with a data breach.

Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing story, as The Cyber ​​Express will continue to provide information on any developments or official responses from the Campani Group regarding the alleged data breach.

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