Australia Draw sent 168 invitations


ACT Nominations Australia Canberra Draw invited 168 candidates

ACT nominations: it was held on August 30, 2022 and 168 invitations were issued

  • Invitations are sent for jobs that are too popular or have a high Matrix score.
  • The ACT invitation is only sent once and you will not receive the invitation again.
  • No invitations will be sent based on personal circumstances.
  • The next round of ACT appointments will take place on November 20, 2023.

ACT Nominations, in order to meet its annual allocation, is now attempting to increase the number of candidate lists to 491. Each month there will be a fixed number of positions in the ACT Nomination.

4 categories of ACT nominations

1. Business owners (small)

Applicants with a minimum score of 80 points received 7 invitations for subclass 491 in this category.

2,457 / 482 visa holders

From this category, 2 invitations are sent for subclass 491 visa.

3. Critical skill occupations

74 invitations have been sent out for a subclass 491 visa in ACT Nomination.

4. Foreign candidates (critical skills professions)

Foreign candidates receive the most invitations, at 85.

Table of invitations to ACT nominations:

Canberra residents 190 applications 491 applications
ACT Small Business Owner Appointments 1 invitation 0 invites
Matrix designating 457/482 visa holders 5 invitations 0 invites
Nomination matrix for essential skills occupations 33 invitations 73 invitations
Foreign candidates
Nomination matrix for essential skills occupations 12 invitations 132 invitations

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