Dark Web User Writes About ZenLedger Data Selling


In a dark web update, ZenLedger, which shares information on DeFi, NFT and cryptocurrency taxes, made headlines for allegedly being targeted by hackers. The ZenLedger data sale was announced by a user named Sing. The post on the Dark Web was titled “Insane Crypto Tax Calculator Dump.”

Strangely, the user claiming to sell ZenLedger data joined the forum on August 28, 2023, suggesting that he had acquired the data from another cybercriminal or was making false claims.

“This is a private database, NOT the publicly available ZenLedger database,” the user said on the site. Dark web platform.

Data from the alleged ZenLedger data breach was on sale for $15,000. None were sold when the dark web note was published.

ZenLedger data sales
Screenshot of the post on the dark web (Photo: Daily Dark Web/Twitter)

They released samples of data purportedly from the ZenLedger cyberattack. It included the customer’s ID, email address, name and role, among other data. The user further claimed that he had the complete json data of ZenLedger.io from the admin panel, over 6 million rows and 150,000 emails.

The Cyber ​​Express emailed the US-based organization for comment on the sale of Zenledger data on the dark web. We will add their comments after receiving a response.

THE ZenLedger website was accessible once verified by the Cyber ​​Express team. So far, there have been no reported ZenLedger data breach or cyberattack attempts.

Users on hacker forums are at odds with each other, as Dark Web monitors have observed. The alleged Sony data leak was first reported by the group named RansomedVC. However, soon another hacker forum user came forward to deny this while leaking data allegedly from the Sony hack.

ZenLedger Data Selling and Dark Web Shenanigans

A cybercriminal calling himself USDoD said he would hack Lockheed Martin as a future target. However, he later said he had no intention of going after global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin which serves the US defense sector.

It was a ploy to distract people while he continued on his way. piracy party. “I was happy that Raytheon and Lockheed were spending most of their time and effort solving their problems, while I had access to Deloitte, NATO and CEPOL in the same day,” he said. he declares. said in an interview.

ZenLedger data sales
Killnet names Lockheed Martin and the Army Transport Corps (Photo: Falcon Feeds)

However, shortly after, Killnet, the hacktivist group, announced on the dark web that it had breached Lockheed Martin.

In 2020, a hacker made the personal data of more than 270,000 people public. Ledger users, a hardware wallet provider. Leaked files contained Ledger’s information marketing database. This led several victims to threaten legal action against the company.

The details included 1,075,382 email addresses of Ledger newsletter subscribers, 272,853 hardware wallet orders, addresses and phone numbers.

Users received phishing emails from scammers who took advantage of the Ledger cyberattack. It has been asked to download fraudulent versions advertised as newer versions of Ledger software in order to facilitate the malicious activities of fraudsters.

Dealing with the security risks posed by such data leaksthe attacked company said: “Never share the 24 words of your recovery phrase with anyone, even if they claim to be a representative of Ledger. »

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