Canada ranked second among the best countries in the world in 2023, according to an American report.


Canada ranks second best country in the world in 2023, US media report

Highlights from US News Report Ranked ‘2023 Best Countries in the World’

  • US News report released the list of best countries for 2023.
  • Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Australia and the United States rank in the top five, respectively.
  • To formulate this ranking, US News followed 10 subcategories and ranked 87 countries.
  • A survey was conducted among more than 17,000 people from 36 countries.

List of best countries in the world 2023

Below is the list of countries ranked among the top 10 in the world.

Countries Ranked in the world
Swiss 1
Canada 2
Sweden 3
Australia 4
Japan 6
Germany 7
New Zealand 8
United Kingdom 9
The Netherlands ten

10 factors taken into account to rank countries

The following 10 factors US News considered to rank these countries:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quality of life
  • Social objective
  • Cultural influence
  • Open for business
  • Adventure
  • Power
  • Heritage
  • Agility
  • Movers

List of factors in which Canada ranks first among other countries

Specifically, Canada was chosen as the best for the following factors:

Factors Canada’s ranking
Entrepreneurship 5
Quality of life 3
Social objective 4
Agility 2
Start a career 2
Education 4
To study abroad 7
Raising children 7
Racial equality 2
Policies relating to women 6
Retirement policies 6
Transparent country 6
Head office of a company 2

This US News ranking placed Canada as the second best country in the world in 2023. This indicates that Canada remains the top immigration destination globally.

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